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Isn't It Sweet?
A Year of Type 1 Diabetes

When I was thirteen and still relishing the peak of my lanky eighth grade awkwardness, I was diagnosed with Type 1

diabetes. In all honesty, you can hide diabetes pretty well. I wear most of my medical devices under my clothes and keep my other supplies tucked away in pockets and fanny packs. But just because you hide doesn’t mean it goes away.

Yet if it's easy enough to hide, what does Type 1 really look like?

I have been passionate about diabetes awareness since my diagnosis in 2014. I've often found that those not living with a chronic illness had a hard time comprehending what my day to day now looked like. Sympathy was rife, but empathy was hard to come by. We all crave relatability in some way, shape, or form.


For the duration of 2021, I stored my used diabetes supplies in boxes, gallon Ziploc bags, on my nightstand, under my bed, and in the depths of my backpack where I’ve occasionally (very often) forgotten to take them out and tuck them away. My goal with this project was not only to show those not living with a chronic illness what management looks like, but to hopefully give them a glimpse into the feelings and emotions that accompany being at war with a body that you love. 


The vulnerability of this project has let me see just how important bringing awareness to Type 1 is. Enjoy the most more personal side of what Type 1 diabetes looks like on me.

Brooke Photo 3.jpg
Brooke photo 4.jpg

123 insulin pods

1 pod every 3 days

(give or take some pod failures)

150 units per pod

passion cake_edited.png

517 syringes

passion vial.jpg

18 vials of insulin

4 vials dropped on my tile floors

0 vials sacrificed to the floor gods

liked what you saw? read about my thoughts and feelings in poetry, of course

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